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We are fully committed to our guarantees and implement them in everything we do. One of our most important guarantees is certainty. Certainty about your tyres, but also about your data! We guarantee that data we collect about you will only be used wherever it is absolutely necessary. This means your data will not be sold to third parties. Your data is stored in a secure environment in Europe and will be kept for a maximum of 7 years. However, we need a few of your details to make sure your transactions flow smoothly.

Which data do we need?

First name and surname 
We like to know who we are doing business with. As do you.
Address and place of residence
We can only offer certainty about your order if we know where it has to be delivered.

Telephone number
Sometimes we only want to hear your voice. Should something go wrong unexpectedly, then we will give you a quick call. We also regularly have attractive offers that meet your particular preferences. 
Payment details
Your details will be used to process the order. This can involve setting up a line of credit or processing a transaction for tyres we have purchased from you.
IP address
Although we know you very well in real life, we need to know your IP address when dealing with you online. We also remember your preferences in order to offer you suitable advice. By remembering your IP address, we can let you log in automatically and prevent others from using your 'My Heuver’ account.
E-mail address
You will be sent an e-mail about your order and invoice as well as the products you buy from us. We will send you an e-mail response if you have shared your opinion with us. To create a special customer experience, we will also send you special offers and newsletters via e-mail if you give us permission to do so. 
Would you prefer to not receive newsletters and special offers? No problem because it is easy to unsubscribe via the back office, your account manager, your 'My Heuver’ account or via the link at the bottom of the newsletter itself.
Public sources
Unfortunately, we don’t always possess all your details. In order to complete our system, we also use other public sources like, for example, your website or business directories. 

We also use your details for the following purposes:

Back office and account managers
You can phone, e-mail, facebook and chat with us via various channels. We will register your contact to make sure we remember your requirements; this could simply involve using a piece of paper. We analyse all contact moments so we can continue improving our service and offer you a special customer experience.
Your personal and company details are located in your 'My Heuver’ account. This means you don’t have to repeat them with every order. We also store information about your previous orders under your account number.

You can register for various newsletters, both general and personal. The contents of personal newsletters will be determined using your past purchases and the pages you visit. This tells us what appeals to you. Would you prefer to not receive newsletters? No problem because it is easy to unsubscribe via the back office, your account manager, your 'My Heuver’ account or via the link at the bottom of the newsletter itself.
We promise you a special customer experience, but need to use your details to help us realise this. We will ask you to share your opinion via various surveys or become a fan of Heuver. We also want to know how a complaint was handled and what you think of our newsletter. That is why we monitor customer behaviour. For instance, we may analyse your reading and click behaviour and create content that suits your preferences. We do this by registering unique visits and all activities that take place within every such visit. This can include the pages someone reads or the links someone clicks. Naturally, we always handle your data in a responsible manner. Although these analyses will sometimes be carried out by a third party, we always make sure the party in question complies with all privacy-related regulations.
Tailor-made advice
As stated earlier, we want to create a special customer experience. That is why we want to learn more about you. If you visit our shops, like us on Facebook or order something from us, we will remember your needs. We will do all the searching and then offer you great special offers, e.g. via e-mail. We will also use your details to improve our websites and display useful adverts on, for example, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks. As you know, this involves using cookies.
Fraud prevention
We would prefer to trust everyone, but are sometimes forced to use customer details to investigate, prevent and combat fraud. If we have serious doubts, we may have to pass on your details to government authorities. But we prefer to keep things safe and enjoyable.

Would you like to access your personal details? Or do you want to change details or remove them from our system? No problem. You can do this via your 'My Heuver’ account. Or you can let us know via post, e-mail or phone.

Do you have a comment or complaint? Then please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Privacy statement of third parties

We make use of sub-processors for analytical and marketing purposes. These sub-processors and their privacy statements are set out below.

Who are we?

‘Heuver’ refers to Heuver Tyrewholesale BV and subsidiaries like Heuver Reifen GmbH, Holding Heuver II BV, Heuver Den Ham BV and Asian Tyre Import BV

Do you have any questions? Or did you notice anything unusual?

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Changes to this Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement was last modified on 22 February 2023. We can change our Privacy Statement from time to time.

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